Young Adult

Unearthly Things


Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre retold against the backdrop of San Francisco's most fabulous—and dangerous—elites.

After losing her parents in a tragic accident, surfer girl Janie Mason trades the sunny beaches of Hawaii for the cold fog of San Francisco and new guardians—the Rochesters—she's never even met. Janie feels hopelessly out of place in their world of Napa weekends, fancy cotillions, and chauffeurs. The only person she can relate to is Daniel, a fellow surfer. Meeting him makes Janie feel like things might be looking up.

Still, something isn't right in the Rochester mansion. There are noises—screams—coming from the attic that everyone else claims they can't hear. Then John, the black sheep of the family, returns after getting kicked out of yet another boarding school. Soon Janie finds herself torn between devil-may-care John and fiercely loyal Daniel. Just when she thinks her life can't get any more complicated, she learns the truth about why the Rochesters took her in. They want something from Janie, and she's about to see just how far they'll go to get it.


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"The pace accelerates, suspense builds, and stakes mount . . . Jane Eyre has inspired retellings from literary gems to pallid retreads; Gagnon's version stands up to the competition, slyly toying with readers' expectation to surprising, entertaining effect."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"A clever update of the Brontë classic . . . Fully rounded characters and abundant suspense help Gagnon's novel hold its own amid other contemporary Eyre reimaginings."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Jane Eyre fans will enjoy picking out the commonalities . . . Fate handles her roughly, but like the original Jane, our Janie discovers an inner fortitude. Hand to fans of Lois Duncan-style mysteries."

"This fast-paced retelling of Jane Eyre will appeal to fans of contemporary Gothic . . . Pair this with the classic novels Jane Eyre or Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca."
   —School Library Connection

"Failing family fortunes, wails in the night, bizarre dreams . . . Teens who like gothic fiction will find this enjoyable."
   —School Library Journal

"Effortlessly paced, full of heart, humor and horror, Gagnon revives the spirit of a classic while putting her own unique spin on the story. Janie is sympathetic and brave, the perfect lens for us to peer into a world of grandeur, secrets and dark lies. You can't help but lament the family Janie lost while also cheering for her to succeed in her new and strange reality. Charlotte Brontë would never have guessed that her classic fits so well with a Mean Girls twist, but the blend is addictive, fast-paced and haunting."
   —Madeleine Roux, New York Times bestselling author of the Asylum series

"Haunting in the best possible sense, from the first page to the very last twist."
   —Leslie Margolis, New York Times bestselling author of the Maggie Brooklyn mysteries

"A page-turning ode to Jane Eyre with a ghostly twist, Michelle Gagnon's Unearthly Things haunts and delights. Orphaned Janie Mason uncovers the awful secrets hidden behind the seemingly perfect high society life of her new guardians, the Rochesters. A deliciously terrifying read with a heroine worthy of Charlotte Brontë's classic."
   —Joy Preble, author of It Wasn't Always Like This

Soho Teen, hardcover, April 2017, ISBN: 978-1616956967