The Tunnels Book Group Questions

WARNING: Questions reveal information about the book's plot and characters

1. THE TUNNELS takes place on a college campus. How does this affect the investigation? Are the efforts of University leaders to keep the press away justified?

2. Kelly finds herself partnered with two different men. Do her suspicions that there's an "Old Boy's Network" at the Bureau seem justified? Is she odd man out, or not really?

3. How does the fact that the daughters are victims of powerful men affect the investigation? Would there have been the same level of interest if they were poor? What if these events didn't take place at a university?

4. Was the Bureau right to fire Jake for his actions in the past?

5. Kelly and Jake take two very different approaches to the case. Is one superior to the other? At the end of the day, which seems preferable?

6. At one point, Kelly is blocked from accessing the records of a mental facility. If the patient involved is a danger to society, is it still right or fair that these records be kept confidential?

7. Nowadays the concept of worshiping multiple gods, as practiced by the pagans in this book, seems somewhat quaint. But in the scope of recorded human history, polytheism was far more prevalent worldwide than monotheism. What do you think changed? Is the world a better or worse place for it?

8. Stefan, the Warder of the Lore, claims that the killer is manipulating his religion's rituals and beliefs. Could the same be true of any religion? Can you think of any examples where this has happened?

9. Agent Morrow lost his life during the course of the investigation. Why do you think the killer attacked him?

10. Do you think any of the spells in the Raudhskinni might actually work? What about the legend, that everyone who has attempted to dig it up has gone mad or vanished?

11. At the end of the book, Kelly & Jake have tentative plans to meet up in Vermont. Do you think they will? What do you project for the future of their relationship?

Article on Wesleyan's real tunnels

So for those of you who were wondering about how much was fact vs. myth, the Wesleyan student newspaper published a fun article on the tunnel system beneath campus.