BONEYARD Book Group Questions

WARNING: Questions reveal information about the book's plot and characters

1. BONEYARD takes place nearly a year after the events in THE TUNNELS. Why do you think the author chose to do this?

2. Kelly has changed departments within the FBI, yet still struggles against the bureaucracy. How has she changed as a character? Is she less "by the book" than she was in THE TUNNELS? How do you think her experiences in the Berkshires will influence her behavior in her next case?

3. There are two central romantic relationships in this story. What about each did you find compelling and/or believable? Did you feel that the couples involved were accurately portrayed?

4. Some readers have found Dwight to be a sympathetic character despite his obvious flaws. What about him did you like and empathize with?

5. Much of the book deals with conflicts between both individual investigators and departments. What do you think this means for the solve-rate of crimes in the United States?

6. At one point in the book, the forensic anthropologist makes a disparaging comment about how local coroners don't necessarily have medical degrees. Do you think that should be a requirement for the job?

7. In the end, it turns out that one of the local police officers had buried earlier cases by labeling the files, "death by natural causes." Do you think that given the information he had at the time, he was right to do so?

8. The media also plays a role in this book. How do you think they influenced the investigation? Did they help, or harm it?

9. In the end, Kelly was faced with a choice to either help her friend or pursue the killers. Did she make the right decision?

10. What do you think will happen to Kelly's career with the FBI, based on the fact that this case turned out to be a debacle for her?

11. The story also presents the possibility that Jake observed one of the killers murdering the other, yet did nothing to intervene. What would you have done in his position?

12. At the end of the novel, do you think that justice was served?